Circular Fashion

Inclusion: The Haves and the Haves Nots are no longer acceptable. In this era of fashion, everyone can have the feel and look they want without worrying about the price tag or seeking approval from others. Our movement is about being inclusive and celebrating styles from all over. It’s time we replace the hate with love and praise swag of all kinds!  

Diversity: Oh you thought we were only focused on American styles? Wrong!!! In our club we celebrate people from all different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds. Our world is already filled with diversity, so let’s learn about and celebrate our differences through fashion.

Ethics: Have you ever ordered something and when it got there, the item was damaged before you could even enjoy it? Yeah, it sucks. That’s why we’re fully committed to being transparent about ALL items rented and/or purchased from Haves Club. From wear and tear to the amount of times it’s been used, we’ll ensure to lay out all the details about the item so there are no surprises upon arrival. 

Sustainability: We can’t stop fast fashion but we can slow it down by expanding the usage of garments lifecycle. Instead of throwing away damaged clothing, we’re encouraging upcycling as a way to preserve and possibly improve your item. There’s no limit to what you can create, let your mind run freely and start upcycling today! Need some help? Check out some of the awesome materials our community has already created!