Giving you the Power to be Sustainable in your fashion consumption.

Welcome to our world of Circular Fashion with Haves Club, we thank you in helping to extend the life cycle of our fashionable world.

Now you can rent your favorite designer pieces one time, hassle-free. No more buying, storing, or cleaning clothes - just wear and return when you're done. Say hello to the future of shopping with Haves Club. Shop for designer pieces without ever having to commit! Get the perfect look for all your occasions!

  1. Select an item. 

  2. Select Delivery: Pick up in store or Mail + Shipping

  3. Rock the look!

  4. Return: In store dropbox or Mail

  5. Tell us your Feedback! Describe your experience wearing the rental clothing, including how it fit, how it felt, and any compliments you received while wearing it.

Membership Levels

Black - $1,200/annual + tax - 15 Items per month

Gold - $135/ mo + tax - 10 Items per month 

Silver - $65/ mo + tax - 4 Items per month 

Green -  $30/ mo + tax - 1 Item per month